Safety First

Safety is a top priority for Raymond Tree Co.  From on-going training of our tree professionals to properly maintained equipment and safety gear, we provide our employees and our customers with a safe working environment. As a family owned & operated business, our customers can rest easy knowing we will keep your home or business safe, clean and beautiful.

Family-owned & operated tree care you can trust



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Georgetown CT 06829


Call us for a free estimate or email: clifftree@aol.com

That's the philosophy which Clifford Raymond, owner and founder of Raymond Tree Co., has rooted into his tree care business model for more than three decades. His philosophy, coupled with the company’s outstanding reputation for safety, cleanliness, and responsible tree care, is why homeowners, businesses, and non-profits throughout Fairfield County trust him and his professional team to care for thousands of trees each year. 

"There is a right way and a wrong way to do a job and I choose to always do it the right way."

~ Clifford Raymond, Owner